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GeoScene3D Basic

GeoScene3D Model

In the basic course you'll learn the basic workflow and structure of GeoScene3D. You'll learn how to setup a GeoScene3D project, import different data types and how to change the visual appearance of these. You’ll get in touch with many of the tools in a number of exercises based on real cases.

After the course, you will be able to setup a project in GeoScene3D, load various geological data and visualize those.

We will go through examples of how to make a simple project setup, including creating cross sections and preparing a project for actual modeling, including defining interpretation points and interpolation of those into surfaces (grid files).


Who should attend? 
GeoScene3D users with no or very basic knowledge of GeoScene3D.


Key Points
  • Basic project setup
  • Data visualization
  • Simple queries (SQL) based on well databases
  • Creating cross sections
  • Map Windows
  • Import/export functions
  • Working in the GeoScene3D Toolbox, for example grid adjustment
  • Layout features