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Layered Modelling

GeoScene3D Model

This course aims at people who works with or will work with geological modeling, especially within the groundwater area. Learn how to create a project in GeoScene3D.

Create a hydrogeological model in a given area and handle whatever challenges the geological modeller typically has to face such as model requirements and the database requirements.

Interpretation techniques and –strategies will be discussed.


Who should attend?
Users with overall knowledge of GeoScene3D. Advantage, but not required, to have comprehensive knowledge of methods behind geological modeling and the various types of data that are typically included.


Key Points
  • Setup a hydrogeological modeling project
  • Loading data (wells, geophysics, seismic, etc.)
  • Simple queries (SQL) based on well databases
  • Setting up cross sections and cross section groups
  • Point interpolation in 2D and 3D
  • Methods of interpolation in GeoScene3D
  • Interpolation of points to surfaces
  • Using the GeoScene3D Toolbox