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Publications and Proceedings


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Gulbrandsen, T. M. Hansen, and Niels-Peter Jensen, 2019, A Workflow Allowing Multiple Point Statistics Realizations to Reveal where we Lack Information, NSG 2019, The Hague, Netherlands     Read more


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Hansen, T. M., Vu, L. T., Mosegaard, K., and Cordua, K. S., 2018, Multiple point statistical simulation using uncertain (soft) conditional data, Computers & Geosciences, 114, 1-10     Read more
Munday, Tim, C. Sørensen, M. L. Gulbrandsen, 2018, Peeling back the cover on an ancient landscape – AEM in the Musgrave Province, South Australia, The 7th International Workshop on Airborne Elecromagnetics     Read more
Gulbrandsen, M. L., F. Jørgensen, P. Dahlqvist, L. Persson, M. Bastani, 2018, A 3D geological soil-modelling workflow using AEM data – A case study from Gotland, Sweden, The 7th International Workshop on Airborne Elecromagnetics     Read more
Jørgensen, Flemming, M. Erlström, L. Persson, M. Bastani, D. Sopher, M. L. Gulbrandsen, P. Dahlqvist, 2018, A 3D geological model of the Island of Gotland based on extensive airborne EM mapping, seismic data and log stratigraphy, The 7th International Workshop on Airborne Elecromagnetics     Read more
Bastani, Mehrdad, L. Persson, M. Erlström, P. Dahlqvist, F. Jørgensen, M. L. Gulbrandsen, 2018, Improved geological information by modelling airborne TEM data over the island of Öland, Sweden, The 7th International Workshop on Airborne Elecromagnetics     Read more



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Gulbrandsen, Mats L., L. B. Ball, Burke J. Minsley, and T. M. Hansen, 2017, Automatic mapping of the base of aquifer - A case study from Morrill, Nebraska, Interpretation, Vol 5, 1-11     Read more
Gulbrandsen, Mats L. K. S. Cordua, T. Bach, and T. M. Hansen, 2017, Smart Interpretation - automatic geological interpretations based on supervised statistical models, Computational Geoscience, DOI: 10.1007/s10596-017-9621-8     Read more
Høyer, A.s., Vignoli, G., Hansen, T., M., Vu, L.,T., Keefer, D., A., and Jærgensen, F., 2017, Multiple-point statistical simulation for hydrogeological models: 3-D training image development and conditioning strategies, Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 21, 6069-6089     Read more



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Gulbrandsen, Mats L., B. J. Minsley, L. B. Ball., and T. M. Hansen, 2016, Semi-Automatic Mapping of Permafrost in the Yukon Flats - Alaska. Geophysical Research Letters, Vol 43, Nr. 23, pp.131-137 doi:10.1002/2016GL071334.     Read more
Gulbrandsen, Mats L., K. S. Cordua, T. M. Hansen, and K. Mosegaard, 2016, Revealing multiple geological scenarios through unsupervised clustering of realizations from the posterior distribution. Geostatistics 2016, Valencia, Springer.     Read more
Hansen, T. M., Vu, L. T., and T. Bach, 2016, MPSLIB: A C++ class for sequantial simulation of multiple-point statistical models. SoftwareX,     Read more



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Gulbrandsen, Mats L., T. Bach, K. S. Cordua, and T. M. Hansen, 2015, Localized smart interpretation - a data driven semi-automatic geological modeling method, ASEG-PESA 2015, At Perth, Australia, Volume: 24, DOI: 10.1071/ASEG2015ab232     Read more

Posters and Presentations


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NSG 2019 Oral Presentation September - 2019 Read more
SEG-AGU  Oral Presentation          June - 2019 Read more
SAGEEP 2019 Oral Presentation           March - 2019                        Read more
AEM 2018 Poster          June - 2018                        Read more
Grunnvattendagarna Poster 1          Sept - 2017                        Read more
Grunnvattendagarna Poster 2          September - 2017                          Read more
Grunnvattendagarna Oral Presentation          September - 2017                        Read more
SAGEEP  Oral Presentation          March - 2017                        Read more
SAGEEP Oral Presentation 2 March - 2017 Read more
SAGEEP  Oral Presentation          March - 2016                        Read more
ATV Vintermøde Oral Presentation          February - 2016                        Read more
SAGEEP Oral Presentation          March - 2015                        Read more
NGWA  Oral Presentation          March - 2015                       Read more
ASEG/PESA Poster          February - 2015                       Read more