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Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together a short video showing how to enable your Nvidia high performance graphics card with GeoScene3D for an optimal experience.

Please notice that not all laptops are configured with multiple graphics cards, so this might now apply to you.

A GeoScene3D project is not limited by area and can link to an unlimited amount of data. However, GeoScene3D can not always visualize all the linked data simultaneously. Only data within a user specified area called a scene is visualized. The extent of the scene is changeable, which means that resulting models can be very large.
The scene extent is a rectangular area specified by the user. All data within this area is visualized and can be edited. All data within the scene extent is located in RAM. When saving a project a snapshot of all the data within the scene extent is saved in the gsmod file. When opening a project all the data is read directly from the gsmod file. The scene extent can easily be moved.
That depends on the amount and density of the data and the computer hardware. To visualize large amounts of data it might be necessary to reduce the scene extent.
GeoScene3D runs on Windows 7 and newer.
Yes, these formats are supported to a different degree around the software. Shape files can be loaded into 3D and used in different ways. Many other formats such as MapInfo can be loaded into the Maps view. These tools are not updated to the lastest GIS software versions.
I•GIS has created the GeoCloud, a webservice that can be accessed from within GeoScene3D to download and upload data. Using this webservice users can share data and download free data. Currently a terrain model grids are available for the area of Denmark and a few other areas. Wells and geophysics are available for Denmark as well.
No - unlike applications like Google Earth all data is always shown in full detail.

GeoScene3D requires above average hardware. The better hardware the better experience and performance.

Check the requirements here: Requirements