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GeoCloud is a data management system with overview and fast access to your geoscience data and geological models.      

This can be an important parameter for success in many situations like:

The public administrator seeking available geoscience information for a specific area.

The private consultant working on a proposal for a new survey or a modelling campaign. GeoCloud will offer an overview of the company’s existing geological models, wells and other geological information for an area.

GeoCloud login

GeoCloud's GIS map, 3D window and 2D profile.

With GeoCloud the geo-data management task has become much easier.

GeoCloud is a cloud-based data management system. The software allows you to store, share and manage your geological models and your geo-data in one place. Each organization have their own GeoCloud portal and administration privileges.

The data and models stored on GeoCloud can be accessed through several online services:

    •     Directly in the web-browser
    •     Through WMS
    •     Directly in GeoScene3D

The portal administrator can give access to their portal to anyone relevant. Ensuring easy access and sharing of your models, data, and results to the relevant partners and stakeholders.

Acces to data: 

You have access to the data and models in several different ways:

    •     Map View 
    •     Profile tool 
    •     3D viewer 

Example of Map Overview with a 3D grid.

Map View:

The 2D GIS map: All data and models uploaded to the GeoCloud portal can be visualized as web map service (WMS) in the map window. 

The data in the menu to the right are data that can be activated in the Map Window. Data are made visible by check marking the light blue boxes in the menu to the right. 

Data uploaded to the GeoCloud is divided into 7 categories:

    •     Surveys 
    •     2D grids 
    •     3D grids (shown as 2D grid slices/maps) 
    •     Boreholes 
    •     Points 
    •     Logs 
    •     Shapefiles 

Which data set to display on the map, their individual ordering, transparency etc. is set in the user-friendly object manager. From the object manager you can also get access to all available information about each data set. You can also:

    •     Zoom to their extent 
    •     Slice in 3D grids 
    •     Get their legend 
    •     Download their data source

Easy access to all information and metadata for all data types.


Profile View:

The data can be visualized on a 2D cross section. The cross-sections or profiles can either be uploaded as kml-files or be digitized directly in the web browser. 

You can create several profiles at the time, and the layer manager chooses which data sets to display. All 3D data supported by GeoCloud will be supported by the profile tool soon. For now, 3D Grids, 2D Grids, 1D Geophysical models, boreholes, water level and screens for boreholes are supported.


Profile view

Example of a profile with surfaces, wells and 3D grid.


3D view:

The data can also be visualized in a separate 3D viewer. Data is visualized in 3D and the user is able to see and fly through the data and models. In the 3D viewer, you have access to different visualization, navigation, and measurement tools. 

The 3D viewer is a functionality under continuous development. And all 3D data supported by GeoCloud will be supported by the 3D viewer soon. For now, 2D Grids, 1D Geophysical models, and boreholes are supported.

"GeoCloud 3D view

 Example of the 3D Window with a surface, wells and TEM soundings.


Access through web map service (WMS)

In addition to accessing data directly in the web browser, data can also be accessed through WMS. 
Just copy the link to the data set’s URL, and access the data in any other software solutions or services supporting WMS.

Acces GeoCloud through WMS

 The GeoCloud web interface:

Both as an administrator and a regular user, you have access to the GeoCloud portal through the GeoCloud website.
As an administrator you have the possibility to:

    •     Sort and group models and data
    •     Manage metadata
    •     Upload data and models
    •     Set legends
    •     Administrate portal access

Example of GeoCloud groups administration​

Example of  GeoCloud data administration - 3D Grids / Voxels​

Access through GeoScene3D

GeoCloud is closely connected to GeoScene3D. 

All data stored in GeoCloud can be seamlessly accessed in GeoScene3D. Through a self-explained wizard, you logon to your GeoCloud portal and download data type or model available. You will only have access to the models and data that is available within the currently defined Scene Extent. 

This way you can get access to very large models and data sets without running into issues when working with big data. If you change your Scene Extent, you will automatically update the link to GeoCloud, and get access to the data and models within the new Scene Extent.

GeoCloud login

GeoCloud Object


In GeoCloud you can, in addition, to store individual data and models, store GeoScene3D projects. These can be downloaded directly from the web browser. 

This offers the ability to start working with modelling, without having to go through the cumbersome task of compiling data and GIS maps. Everything is already customized by the user. 

This will also allow you to share complete projects to customers or stakeholders - or to save for later use.

GeoScene3d projects

When combining GeoCloud and GeoScene3D you are equipped with the tools and services needed to become a GeoSmart organization. 
A system setup like this will enable your organization to: 

    •     Manage, store, and use your valuable data 
    •     Avoid data to be hidden on forgotten drives 
    •     Easily update your project when you get new data 
    •     Reduce the time spend on converting data formats 
    •     Allow users to collaborate on the same models and data unrestricted of their physical location 
    •     Share data, models, and results both internally and externally 
    •     Spend the freed-up time on other tasks


Special development and integration

GeoCloud is continuously being updated and adjusted to customer specific needs. If your organization has special functionality requirements or need GeoCloud to access your own databases or services, our GeoCloud developers are experienced in developing and adjusting the GeoCloud platform to your needs. 

For more information on GeoCloud and the possibilities it provides for your organization, contact our consultants at: 

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